Houses in Baird Terrace

Houses in Baird Terrace

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  • Children playing near a big house
  • A group of fishermen
  • Looking east down Evan Street towatd the sea. The Aberdeen Town and County Bank is on the left and the Market Buildings Steeple can be seen above the houses.
  • Proclamation of Edward VII as King at the Mercat Cross in 1901
  • Houses in Baird Terrace
  • The crew of the Stonehaven Lifeboat "Joseph Ridgeway" on a horse drawn carriage in the Market Square
  • Stonehaven Harbour from Bervie Braes with the new town expanding beyond
  • People at the harbour where the tide is out. The Tolbooth is on the right.
  • View of the Old Toon from the Old Pier

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