A busy day at the harbour

A busy day at the harbour

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  • A lady and child at the door of John Morison Taylor's shop, licensed to sell Wines, Spirits, Porters and Ale. There is a bill poster for Her Majesty's Theatre in the window
  • Wounded Belgian soldiers at Stonehaven
  • A view from Bervie Braes across the River Carron to Cameron Street, with St. James Episcolal Church on the right and South Church on the left
  • A view of the Old Town from on high
  • A busy day at the harbour
  • Marion Main and the rhubarb tree
  • Some people outside Stonehaven Golf Clubhouse
  • Horses and carts in the High Street in the Old Town. Cheekers Well can be seen on the right.
  • Stormy seas at Bridge of Cowie

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