A coachman with a horse & carriage

A coachman with a horse & carriage

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  • A young football team
  • Heavy seas crash over the breakwater. Downie Point is in the background.
  • Market Day in the Square. Ramsays shop is on the immediate left of the picture
  • A man with a horse in a back garden
  • A coachman with a horse & carriage
  • Carron Wool Mill
  • The River Carron and Ladies in  Carron Terrace in the snow
  • Stonehaven County Isolation Hospital, later Arduthie Hospital, then the site of  Kincardineshire Community Hospital
  • A lady and child at the door of John Morison Taylor's shop, licensed to sell Wines, Spirits, Porters and Ale. There is a bill poster for Her Majesty's Theatre in the window

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